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Heart Shape on a Stick

Perfect for floral decorations for weddings and holidays!

Chalkboard 4 Leaf Clover

Perfect for any bar or restaurant or for St. Patricks Day decorations!

Classic Chalk White Markers

For a clean look and no mess.

Chalkboard Cat

You want this meow!

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Chalkboard A-frame for a Small Business

Here are some chalkboard a-frames done by Martin Sign Company. These a-frames although similar in function, size, and shape are very sleek in design and clean. They are fun to look at and will definitely catch the eye of customers passing by. Chalkboard is a great material for those individuals or companies that need to […]

How To Season Your Chalkboard

You’ve probably heard about the importance of seasoning your cast-iron skillet, your wok, or even your grill. But have you ever heard about seasoning your chalkboard? Seasoning is a helpful step done prior to decorating your chalkboard with chalk. Since chalkboard surfaces are very porous, chalk dust easily collects in these pores and cracks even […]